Lens Services

Legacy2digital offers several lens services for our customers with Nikon and other F Mount lenses.

Clean, Lubricate, and Adjust Service (CLA)

This service is aimed at enthusiast and professional photographers who wish to keep F  Mount lenses in optimal condition, maximize the life of their lenses, and enjoy the “manual focusing experience.”

Widely available during the heyday of manual focus equipment, CLA services for high quality legacy lenses have dwindled during the shift to autofocus cameras and lenses. As devotees of Nikon F mount lenses and the manual focus experience, we offer CLA services that offer a difference:

  • Our broad knowledge of Nikon F mount lenses allows us to accurately assess the condition and service needs of your lens.
  • All lenses receive a comprehensive inspection prior to servicing. Our goal is to assess your lens and provide information and options option so you can make  informed decisions.
  • We pay close attention to the tactile feel of lens focusing—a crucial element of the manual focus experience. We carefully select and apply the proper lubricants for the specific vintage and type of lens. This ensures a focusing experience that is smooth, linear, well-damped, and precisely controllable. Properly lubed and adjusted lenses provide the utmost pleasure in use as well as minimize wear to internal helical components.
  • Our full CLAs feature a 6-month, 100% warranty on the entire lens. Yes: it covers the every component, including parts we have not serviced (but have inspected). Should a problem arise in the course of normal use, we will service / repair your lens at our expense (customer pays shipping).
  • We offer a “limited” CLA (“lite”) that balances cost with performance improvement. This service may be optimal for lenses with low market value or customers on a budget.
  • For professionals, high usage lenses, and customers seeking the convenience of service-on-demand, we offer a CLA service contract. This allows you to send a lens in for routine inspection, servicing, or full CLA a flat rate—any time.

Click Modification

Video has become an integral part of digital camera design, but still photographers are slowly coming to understand some of the technical challenges involved in capturing high quality video.

One challenge is the sound of aperture changes made during recording. Changing F-stops can impart noise to the audio track of a video recording either when an on-camera microphone picks it up as a sound or by transmission through the lens barrel and camera body.

We are able to greatly reduce or eliminate aperture noise transmission through a custom-modification of the lens F-stop ring. And the modification is reversible should you desire to revert to the stock click.

Our Click Modification service may be included with CPU conversion, CLA, or both. We also offer it as a standalone service. Increase the utility of your Nikon F mount lens for video use. Our stock of used lenses can be ordered with this modification.

Services FAQs

What is a CLA, actually?

  • As part of a CLA, your lens will be disassembled, cleaned, lubricated and adjusted. During the disassembly we look for problem areas, signs of unusual wear, damage to optics, such as scratches or fungus, and for the causes of any specific concerns you may have communicated to us.As part of the cleaning we use a variety of industry-standard, residue-free cleaning agents, and, when warranted, ultrasonic cleaning.The lubricants in camera lenses are crucial in maintaining proper use, as well as the tactile feel that makes photographing with them such a joy. Our selection of lubricants fit the needs of specific Nikon F mount lenses and, with regular maintenance, provide years of great service with minimal wear to your lens. Finally, we take care to align components and adjust them to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

What if I have a specific concern about my lens?

  • Please contact us with any questions or issues about a lens you are thinking of sending for a CLA. We are glad to address specific concerns related to cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, tactile feel, glass condition, or any other topic.

Are there pricing advantages / savings with having multiple services done at the same time, or sending you more than one lens at a time?

  • Yes. We offer incentives for handling multiple lenses. We offer discounts on the third lens. For instance, the third lens will receive a complimentary Pro CPU upgrade with two CPU installations (the others do NOT have to be Pro). Third lenses for CLA service (any level) receive a 15% discount. When three or more lenses are sent for both CLA and CPU servicing on all lenses, you receive the above discounts along with flat-rate $10 shipping and insurance (for full lens value) within CONUS.
  • Sending us multiple lenses at once will also minimize your return shipping charges. Often standard wide, normal, and modest telephoto lenses can be shipped together under our single lens shipping rate.

I’ve got an old, not very fancy Nikon lens. I like the lens a lot and it performs well, but I just want the focusing to be smooth. Can you do that at a reasonable price?

  • Very likely we can. We would of course, have to have your lens in hand so we can inspect it and assess servicing needs. Our Limited CLA service may be the right fit for you and your lens. With this service, we target specific complaints and try to address them at lowest possible cost. We do not provide a comprehensive lens guarantee with this service, but we do guarantee the specific work we have done.

Are there any restrictions with your CLA services?

  • As in all cases of working with used equipment, damaged or excessively worn parts on lenses generally fall outside the scope of a CLA. When necessary and possible, we replace minor parts under the comprehensive CLA service, or else advise you of parts costs separately. We are glad to give feedback on a lens at any stage of service.

If my lens has fungus, should I just forget about repairing it?

  • Not necessarily. Fungus can destroy a lens completely. But often lenses that show some fungus may be still operable or even fully restorable when caught early on. We can provide a careful inspection for fungus, and provide you an accurate and realistic assessment to help you decide on a course of action with your lens.

Interested in getting your lenses back to prime condition? Just send it in for a no-cost assessment. We love bringing an old lens friend back to full usefulness.


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