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Looking for a Nikon or third party F mount lens with a Digital Matrix CPU? Legacy2digital has a continually changing inventory of lenses, including hard-to-find and collectables. We also have a camera-finder service.  Please use our inquiry form to inform us of your interests and questions. 

Unlike buying from some other sources, the equipment you purchase from L2D has been thoroughly tested by a photographer—and is 100% guaranteed by us. 

What kind of used MF Nikkor? Looking for a small, light normal or moderate wide lens? How about a constant aperture zoom or short telephoto-portrait lens? Or, are you after a speciality lens like a fisheye or super-telephoto? We have extensive inventory of Nikon and third party lenses and access to many more, but most importantly, we have the experience and expertise to answer your questions and help guide you to the right lens.

Are used Nikon lenses really a good investment?  With minimal care and infrequent maintenance, these lenses can literally last a lifetime. Typically, they retain their value far longer than a camera body, and a good number have appreciated over time. The best MF Nikkors work splendidly with even the highest resolution Nikon bodies. Our CPU extends the functional life of manual focus lenses into the digital era and beyond.

It is also important to know that manual focus lenses tend to be much more “renewable” and sustainable long term than modern, autofocus lenses because the manual lenses are not dependent on motors for focusing or, in the case of the current “G” series Nikon lenses, diaphragm control. They are also serviceable by competent camera technicians who do not need highly specialized tools or electronic test equipment. Finally, manual lenses never become obsolete and can be used indefinitely on Nikon F mount cameras and other camera bodies with adaptors.

The value of used lenses is reflected in their retention of value in the used market and their ability to perform well on current digital camera bodies.

About our ratings We use conservative condition ratings so you will know what to expect before you receive the lens — and be pleased when you receive it.

Most importantly, we do not sell lenses that have any significant optical flaws (our A grade lenses have no visible flaws). So, you can be assured even a “C” grade lens from us has very good or better grade glass. We also assume that any lens rated above a “user” has properly functioning “mechanics,” such as focusing and F-stop ring. We clean, lubricate, and adjust any lens that does not mean our standards in any way, and for this reason guarantee every lens we sell.

We use a straightforward rating system that covers overall condition:

A = excellent throughout. This is a used lens that shows little to no obvious signs of use. Because these are “low mileage” lenses, they also tend to have the least wear in focusing and F-stop rings and the overall best tactile feel. 

B = shows some signs of use, including paint wear, scuffs, wear marks on focusing barrel, F-stop ring, and other frequently touched areas. These lenses also tend to have low wear of moving parts.

C = shows obvious signs of use, including worn focusing ring, chipped or missing paint, and possibly some dents and  / or dings, but damage. 

Collectable = This is our rating for either pristine vintage equipment (1950s to early / mid 70s) or more recent (80s or newer) lenses that are at or near “mint” condition.  This may also include “new old stock” (never used). 

User = may be very worn looking or physically damaged, but still functional. In some instances, the front filter ring may be damaged (if so, this will be disclosed). There may be some minor scuffs or cleaning marks on the glass. 

About our warranty  Many of our used lenses have received a fresh CLA (clean, lubricate, and adjust) to bring them up to our standards of condition, operation, and tactile feel. Lenses rated A or B grade come with a 6 month 100% warranty; lenses rated C grade carry a 3 month 100% warranty. User lenses come with an “as described” warranty. All lenses have a one year warranty on the CPU.

Below is list of most popular lenses. Contact us with your request, and let us know what condition level interests you. We’ll let you know current availability and pricing. Ready to order? Let us know! 

15/3.5 (up to AIS) – a justly famous rectilinear ultra wide angle lens with terrific optics and low distortion – from $1295
16/2.8 Fisheye (up to AIS) – the “standard fisheye” lens for FX – excellent optics – from $699
16/3.5 Fisheye (up to AI) -fisheye lens for FX – excellent optics and built in filters- from $499
20/3.5 (up to AIS) – an excellent performer, very compact – from $399
20/4 (up to AI) – an excellent performer at a moderate price – from $349
20/2.8 (up to AIS) – a premium super wide angle with fast aperture  – from $599
24/2.8 (up to AIS) – a moderate wide and “35mm” equivalent for DX format – from $249
24/2 (up to AIS) – a premium wide angle for low light work – from $379
28/3.5 (up to AIS) – excellent, high-value, performer – from $229.00
28/2.8 AIS – still in Nikon’s current catalog of manual focus lenses for its excellent sharpness both at close and
distant focus – from $349
28/2 (up to AIS – a premium wide angle for low light with excellent optics – from $379
35/2.8 AIS – another of Nikon’s “sleeper” lenses – excellent optics and value – from
35/2 (up to AIS) – a standard wide with nice rendering – from $289
35/1.4 (up to AIS) – premium moderate wide for low light work, excellent sharpness and rendering – from $699
50/1.4 (up to AIS) – Nikon’s “classic 50” – from $179
50/1.8 Series E (AIS) – ultra-compact, sharp, and excellent “pancake” alternative
to 40/2 Voigtlander and 40/2.8 AI-P – from $179
50/2 (up to AI) – one of Nikon’s sharpest 50s – a true “sleeper” – from $129
(this is a popular lens for “declicking” – see below)
50/3.5 Micro – a superb macro lens with 1:2 focusing – from $169.00
55/2.8 – the long-time “standard” in SLR macro lenses – from $279.00
50/55/1.2 (up to AIS) – classic “high speed” Nikon lens, renowned for sharpness and out-of-focus
highlights – from $899 (note: these lenses use a costly custom CPU and cabling system)
85/2 (up to AIS – one of the great portrait lenses from Nikon – from $389
85/1.8 (up to AI) – a fine performing “classic” lens with beautiful out-of-focus rendering – from $399
100/2.8 Series E AIS – a “sleeper” portrait lens with excellent optics and a great value – from $179
105/2.5 (up to AIS) – considered one of Nikon’s best-ever classic lenses – from $259
105/2.8 & 4.0 (up to AIS Micro Nikkors – among the sharpest lenses of this focal length – from $299
135/3.5 and 2.8 (up to AIS) – a very compact lens with superb value and excellent optics
(the 3.5 is especially sharp wide open) – from $169
135/2 (up to AIS) – a premium high-speed lens with excellent performance (but large and heavy) – from $649
180/2.8 ED (up to AIS) – one of Nikon’s sharpest telephotos, suitable for wide-open shooting – from $449
200/4 (up to AIS) – a compact telephoto that is sharp – from $169
200/4 Micro (up to AIS) – allows a comfortable working distance for macro
photography – from $379
300/4.5 and ED  (up to AIS) – a justly famous long telephoto that is easy to handle
– from $199 (ED from $329)
300/2.8 (up to AIS) – a super-speed premium lens – contact us for pricing.
400/5.6 and 3.5 (up to AIS) – two superb telephotos – the F5.6 is noted for
compactness and light weight. Contact us for pricing.
28-50/3.5 – a premium, high performance zoom with fixed aperture – from $299
25-50/4 – a high performance zoom with fixed aperture – from $249
35-70/3.3-4 AIS – a sleeper zoom that is sharp and has nice rendering – with high value – from $169
35-70/3.5 (up to AIS) – a professional level, constant aperture zoom – from $249
50-135/3.5 Ai-S: a professional level, constant aperture zoom built to a high quality standard
Produces excellent results, even wide-open – from $349.00
70-210/4  Series E AIS  – another “sleeper” with superb optics and great value – from $199.00
80-200/4 (to AIS) – the standard “pro” telephoto zoom – from $249

For video users: we have a “declicking” service available and can modify any lens to remove detent clicking and produce a nearly silent aperture ring. This prevents your in-camera microphone from picking up noise when you change the F-stop during videoing. Declicking is reversible, should you ever wish to revert to the original F-stop ring detents. 

We do custom lens and equipment searches and procurement for our customers. If you’re interested in a lens that is not listed above, let us know and we’ll send you pricing, availability, and detailed information on available equipment. All lenses come with a Digital Matrix Pro CPU and are ready to use on ANY Nikon DSLR and most Nikon film cameras.



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