About L2D

Who are you guys, anyway?! We are long time cameraholics and Nikon enthusiasts (since the early ’80s), who like many of our customers have gravitated towards digital photography but still have a strong connection to the simplicity, straightforwardness, and pleasure of using high precision, manual equipment. 

While we applaud many of the innovations that Nikon has brought over the years, even prior to the digital “revolution,” we find that as photographers the directness and tactile feedback of manual focus lenses is unsurpassed. Our desire is to support enthusiasts in making these lenses —  of which there are millions available used as well as some models still sold new — as functional as possible on current digital cameras. We also hope that current and future generations of Nikon users will have an appreciation of photographing with reduced automation and a high degree of control over every aspect of camera and lens.

We are enthusiast photographers and members of the photographic equipment industry since 2000. Our facility is located in Eugene, Oregon.

Thank you!

About contacting us We ask that you kindly read through our FAQ page before contacting us. We have tried to address the most-frequently asked questions about our services and converted lenses. We continually update our answers to FAQs along with our lens database, and revise this site to make it more comprehensible and useful to our customers.

We received a large number of inquiries about our services. We respond to all emails, and we ask that you please FIRST read our FAQ page and email us for quotation or with questions. We are happy to speak with you by phone as well, but so that we can manage our communications with customers in a prompt and fair manner, we ask that you first look at the FAQ and use our email form prior to calling.

Please contact us PRIOR to shipping lenses and we will send you full shipping instructions.

Legacy2digital Contact information

Email. legacy2digital@gmail.com
Ph. 541-687-5969

3003 W. 11th Ave., #146
Eugene, OR 97402

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