The Unicorn CPU Nikkors: 50 and 55 1.2s

One of what we call the “high drool factor” Nikkor CPU lenses is the 1.2 normal lens series, available since the mid 60s in non-AI, AI conversion, AI, and AIS–the last of which is still currently offered by Nikon.

These lenses have been notoriously difficult to convert to CPU, mainly because of a rear elements that fills the exit pupil of the lens mount, along with very little interior room to house electronic components.

We have developed a method for converting these lenses that involves custom fitting a CPU, wire harness, and specialized pins to a modified lens mount. We perform all of these modifications ourselves, and warranty these conversions

Here’s an example (click on image for detailed view):



Current AIS Nikkor 50/1.2 AIS with custom CPU.

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