We install CPUs in manual focus Nikon and third party F-Mount lenses so that they operate fully on Nikon DSLRs. Our CPUs allow use of all exposure and metering modes, focus confirmation, and EXIF Data. We also repair, restore, and offer for sale CPU-equipped, refurbished Nikon lenses. 

Services: Clean, Lube, Adjust (CLA), diagnostics and repair, aperture de-clicking, customization, and restoration / rare parts fabrication for all Nikon and third party F-mount manual focus lens. 

NEW: We have expanded our services to include CLA on Nikon auto-focus lenses. We also off CLA and repair of manual focus lenses other than Nikon F-mount. 

The problem we’ve solved   Are you a Nikon digital SLR user who wants access to the millions of manual focus Nikon lenses going back to 1959? Frustrated by difficulty getting your camera to work properly with manual lenses? Tired of limited functionality, no metering, or having to rely on the cumbersome manual lens database and camera menus? Read on!

Precision machined cut-out and Digital Matrix chip ready for installation

The Nikon F-mount lens legacy NIKON is one of the few camera manufacturers to offer mount compatibility with its lenses going back to its first SLR cameras of the early 1960s. Photographers have invested in Nikon cameras and lenses because of the wide variety of backwardly compatible F-mount lenses. Professionals, enthusiasts, and amateur photographers have enjoyed the world-class optics, handling characteristics, and unique image “signature” of Nikkor lenses, of which over 400 types have been offered with over 100 million lenses produced. 

While Nikon has retained the F-mount into the digital era, current Nikon digital SLRs have limiting “interoperability” with the millions of manual focus lenses Nikon has produced over the decades.

As a result, Nikon cameras, such as the D3xxx, D5xxx, and the most recent enthusiast 7xxx cameras, lack mechanical F-stop coupling and cannot “talk” to legacy Nikon F mount lenses. Hence, on these cameras, the metering systems simply will not work at all with Nikon manual focus lenses. And, some manual lenses cannot be safely mounted on any current Nikon camera (7xxx series and higher) without risking damage to the camera. We have a solution to all of these limitations: a retrofitted CPU and, if necessary, a simple modification to the lens F-stop ring. 

Nikon increasingly has made manual focus lens compatibility a feature of the prosumer and professional level bodies only, such as the D300/7000 and D2-D5 series. But even with a pro level body, each manual lens must first be programed into the non-CPU lens database and then manually selected each time it is used. Despite this clumsy work-around to accommodate classic Nikkors, there are limitations with exposure modes and the need to manually coordinate lens choice with the database. And, lenses from before 1977 cannot be safely mount on pro level Nikons (with the exception of the Df). 

A converted 105/2.5 Nikkor P with Digital Matrix CPU

Legacy2digital The L2D Digital Matrix CPU brings manual focus Nikon lenses into the digital age! Nikon camera owners now have FULL metering functionality on ALL Nikon digital SLR camera bodies—along with highly accurate focus confirmation and transfer of lens information to digital file EXIF data. At last—all classic Nikkor lenses from 1959 to the present interoperate with Nikon digital SLRs from consumer to professional level.

Legacy2digital benefits:

  • Take FULL advantage of the millions of Nikon manual focus lenses manufactured since 1959 on your digital Nikon DSLR.
  • We modify pre-AI lenses (manufactured prior to 1977) for safe mounting on all Nikon bodies. Modification includes an EE servo tab for consumer level Nikons (this is needed for camera and lens to “talk”).
  • Full metering compatibility, spot, matrix, and center-weighted with ALL Nikon digital SLRs, including D40-60, D70-90, and D3xxx, D5xxx, D7xxx, and pro bodies.
  • Eliminate need for cumbersome lens database on prosumer (D7xxx and higher) and pro level bodies. Camera instantly “recognizes” the lens and imparts EXIF data. Manual lenses function exactly like AF-G or AF-D lenses (except for autofocusing).
  • Allows use of all exposure modes — A, S, P, or M — with ALL Nikon DSLR bodies
  • Fast handling of F-stop changes using your camera’s Command Dial.
  • Pro CPU allows direct aperture input for “classic style” shooting with any prosumer 7xxx or pro body Dxxx or D2-D5 (exception: Nikon D7500).
  • Automatic indexing: when lens is mounted, camera will immediately register minimum and maximum aperture.
  • Precise—and user customizable—auto focus selection point and indication.
  • Backward compatibility: converted lenses continue to function normally on all mechanical film Nikon cameras and most autofocus-era film bodies.
  • Ability to customize and fine-tune focus.
  • Focus Trapping available for many Nikon cameras.

L2D also offers

  • Pre-owned, warrantied, lenses already modified with Pro CPU—ready to use on your camera. 
  • Lens repair and Clean, Lubricate, and Adjust (“CLA”) services. 
  • F-stop ring silencing—for videography
  • Camera and other equipment locater services.

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